How to create a personal brand

Personal brand: what is it, who needs it and why

Due to our mentality, bizarre templates and the stereotype of “slower going, you will continue”, many people mistakenly perceive a personal brand and suffer because of this. And if they don’t suffer, they will be when they learn a couple of nuances. How to create a personal brand?

Mistake # 1: Entrepreneurs often think that a personal brand is only about show business stars, athletes, politicians, and yellow press heroes.

Mistake # 2: It seems to people that a brand is what you say about yourself, what your favorite channel broadcasts, as the media colorfully shows you.

Mistake # 3: Many people think that personal promotion is necessary to amuse your ego, get thousands of likes for the post with your breakfast and tell the rest: “Look, I’m cool, but you are unlikely.”

What do we think about this?

A personal brand is not what you say about yourself. This is what others think about you and how.

It is necessary to form and promote a personal brand in order to form a strong connection between each other, your business, and your activity. If you delve into philosophy and good promises, then this is also about mission, values, goals and a great future (on Mars!). But back to the more pragmatic and beneficial aspects.

Personal Brand Components
That’s all, you decided, a personal brand — must have, drove subscribers to collect. No stop! It won’t work that way, and you’ll get tired. There should be an important block about the mission, values, strategy and game of Lego constructor.

Why Lego ?!

Your personal brand is such a cosmo-booth, unique, strange, futuristic, but damn unusual. It consists of different components, blocks.

What a personal brand consists of
Self identification

Who are you as a person, person, specialist. How do you position yourself, what desires and beliefs are guided by.


What is your skill? What is your superpower, what area are you really good at.


This is about your philosophy, guidelines not only in business, but also in relationships, family, etc.


They are more focused on society, and not on you personally. Not about what Porsche color you want, but about how you would like to change something for your audience, society, and the world.


How unique you are, how you differ from your competitors and colleagues. What a unique offer / product / service you can do for your audience.


The external perception of you as a person. That first, visual impression. This includes your clothing style, demeanor, gestures, speech, etc.

Story / Legend

This is a certain story of yours, your path to success, the point at which you are now. There may be important, turning points, even fakapy, interspersed with personal upheaval.

Collecting all this into a single, harmonious figure called the “Personal Brand” is sometimes difficult. At a minimum, you need to devote enough time to communicate with your audience, colleagues, delve into yourself, and possibly hire a psychotherapist.

It is necessary to make a space booth from Lego, even if it at the very beginning will not seem very attractive and understandable.

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